July 24, 2016

The phenomenon of terrorism has become an escalating global and national challenge, especially after the outbreak of the Syrian crisis and the emergence of the terrorist organization ISIS.

Thanks to the efficiency of the military and security services and the awareness of its citizens, Jordan was able to ward off the threat of terrorism, but Jordan’s exposure to more than one terrorist operation in the past period indicates the growing danger of this phenomenon.

The Studies Center has set out for itself a role in providing ideas and recommendations to the political decision-maker to face many challenges, the most prominent of which is this dangerous phenomenon. Therefore, it places in the hands of decision-makers and various state institutions this long paper or article prepared by Mr. Hussein Hazza Al-Majali, who has practical experience He is a major player in this field through the positions he held as Minister of the Interior and Director of Public Security and colleague Dr. Muhammad Abu Rumman, researcher at the Center and expert on Salafi-jihadi movements, where they present a common vision of how this phenomenon is developing and ways to address it. If I extend my sincere thanks to the authors of this paper, I hope that the opinions and ideas contained in it will contribute to deepening the understanding of this complex phenomenon and how to confront it.

Finally, I would like to stress that the opinions and ideas contained in this paper do not necessarily represent the point of view of the Center for Strategic Studies or the University of Jordan or its employees.

Dr. Musa Shteiwi

Director of the Center for Strategic Studies

University of Jordan