Project Name Donor Duration/Year Location and Role of CSS
Arab Barometer Project University of Michigan, University of Princeton, and MEPI. 2006-Present(6 Waves) Jordan, Morocco, Algeria, Palestine, Kuwait, Iraq, Lebanon, KSA, Tunisia, Yemen, Libya, Egypt, Sudan,Project Coordinator
International Men and Gender Equality Survey, Middle East and North Africa (IMAGES) UNW  August 2020 – Present JordanProject Leader
Public Perception and Knowledge of Cancer Coverage Policies and Cancer Care Program (CCP) KHCF October 2020 – Present JordanProject Leader
Strengthening Resilience and Participation at the Local Level in Yemen Seton Hall University’s Center for Peace and Conflict Studies + GIZ. July 2020 – Present YemenProject Coordinator
Confronting the Resurgents of Salafist Dogma; Tracing the Evolution of Jihadist Movements in Jordan The Norwegian Embassy September 2020 – Present JordanProject Leader
Forced Displacement and Refugee-Host Community Solidarity (FOCUS) EU January 2019 – Present Jordan, Sweden, Croatia and GermanyProject Partner
Peace, War and the World in European Security Challenges (POWERS) EU September 2018 – Present Jordan, Russia, Germany, Turkey, France, Spain and ItalyProject Partner
Responding to Emerging Security Challenges in NATO’s Southern Neighbourhood ELCANO + NATO April 2018 – February 2021 JordanProject Partner
Economic Violence Against Women Jordanian Hashemite Fund for Human Development (JOHUD) October 2019 – Present JordanProject Leader
Entrepreneurship in Jordan JEDCO September 2019 – December 2020 JordanProject Leader
The Local Engagement Refugee Research Network (LERRN) Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council+ Carleton University May 2018 – Present Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon and TanzaniaProject Partner
The Jordan’s Barometer (The Pulse of the Jordanian Street) CSS October 2019-Present 27 Waves of Polls –Jordan(Sample Size 1200/ Poll)Project Leader
Evaluation of the ParliamentPerformance EU, Fredrich Ebert, Norway Embassy 1993 – Present JordanProject Leader
Supporting Civil Society in Jordan in Contributing to Democratic Governance and Policy-Making (QARARUNA) AECID 2018-Present Jordan, CSO’sResearch and Capacity-BuildingProject Leader
United we Stand UNDP 2020 – Present JordanProject Leader



Jordan (National Child Labor Survey)Project Leader

Forced Displacement and Refugee-Host Community Solidarity EU Jan 2019-Present JordanCountry Partner
Role of Religion in Public Life  Carnegie, New York  April 2018 – Present Jordan, Tunisia, Lebanon and EgyptProject Leader
HUB – Coventry University UKRI and GCRF Sep 2019-Present (2024) Egypt-JordanCorridor Lead and Country Partner
Tahdeer AECID 2016-2018 Syrian Refugees in JordanProject Leader
Syrian Refuges in Jordan:Status, Relations, Push and Pull Factors GIZ 2019-2020 Syrian Refugees in Jordan/ JordaniansProject Leader
Gender Equality in Jordan: Impact Analysis of COVID-19 UNW May 2020 JordanProject Leader
Gender Barometer HIVOS 2018-2020 JordanProject Leader
NCDs STEPwise Approach toChronic Disease Risk Factor Surveillance WHO-USAID Jan 2019- March 2020 Jordan(3000 Jordanians + 3000 Syrians)Project Leader
Syrian Refugees’ Political, Social andEconomic Views Tokyo University of Foreign Studies December 2017-Jan 2018 Syrian refugees(in and out of camps)Project Leader
Jordanian Political, Social andEconomic Views Harvard University July-August 2017 JordanProject Leader
The National Child Labor Survey ILO November 2015-Feb 2016 Jordan(including refugee camps)(Sample size 20,000 households)Project Leader
Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Survey Jordan Enterprise DevelopmentCorporation June -July 2016 JordanProject Leader
Youth Survey in Jordan UNICEF Dec 2014-Jun 2015 Jordan(Sample Size 36000)Project Leader
The Impact of Syrian Refugees on Jordanians (Economical, Social,Political & Security Wise) CSS October 2015 Irbid, Mafraq, Amman, ZarqaProject Leader
J-CAP KAP survey JCAP- USIAD June 2015 16 locations in Jordan(Sample size 4000)Project Leader
Early Child Development Queen Rania Foundation April-May 2015 Jordan(3000 Nursery,1800 kindergarten)Project Leader
Arab Trans EU 2013-2015 7 Arab countriesProject Leader
Principals and Teachers Perception regarding education process andQueen Rania educational initiatives Queen Rania Foundation May 2014 JordanProject Leader
Arab Indicator-Syrians in Jordan Arab Center for Research and PolicyStudies-Qatar Jan – April 2014 JordanProject Leader

Conflict Management between Syrian refugees and host communities in Jordan

Mercy Corps

Feb – May 2014

Mafraq, IrbidMonitoring and EvaluationProject Leader

Afro Barometer Afro Barometer 2013 5 Arab-African CountriesRegional Coordinator
Market Need Assessment andVocational Training UNDP July – October 2013 Household and SME’sJordanProject Leader
Ambulance Service in Jordan Switzerland- Geneva September 2013 JordanProject Leader
Social Safety Net World Bank 2012 Project Implementation
Election law EU, MoPD, MoP 2010-2011 JordanProject Leader
Human Right in Jordan National Centre for Human Rights 2010 JordanProject Leader
Voter List Accuracy National Centre for Human Rights 2010 JordanProject Leader
Security in Jordan Crisis Management Initiative 2010 JordanProject Leader
Arab Unity and Democracy Centre for Arab Unity Study 2008-2010 Regional Coordinator
Tribes and Politics IDRC 2007-2009 Regional Coordinator
The Political Economy of Governance in the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership Commission of the European Communities 2006-2008 Partner with University of Berlin
Economic Policies, Firms’ Entry and Exit and Economic Performance in the MENA IDRC 2006-2008 Regional Coordinator
The Reform Process in the Region and Lessons to be Learnt from the Latin American Experience Ford Foundation 2006-2007 Partner with Arab Center for Development and Futuristic Research CairoProject Leader
Judicial System in Jordan MASAQ 2005, 2007 JordanProject Leader
Arab Attitudes Towards the West Ford foundation 2004-2005 Host institution andRegional Coordinator
Political Participation in the Mashreq Countries Various donors 1997-1998 Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, PalestineProject Leader