June 12, 2012

This book deals with various topics in Israeli society such as basic differences, Jewish and Zionism arguments, participation in political life, the emergence of the identification between “Land of Israel” and “State of Israel”, religious Zionism and Salafist movements, religiosity and Zionism, metaphysical religious ideology and the Land of Israel. In the conclusion, the author reviewed a summary of the topics he touched upon, that the Salafi movement embodies the self-awareness of the Zionist movement, and that Zionism did not originate from the enlightenment movement, and that Jewish historians could not provide us with any definition that separates between belonging to a sect and belonging to a nation, and the author added that his focus on The meeting between the extremist circles of the secular and religious is to prove that the Israeli concepts of the relationship of the nation, the state, religion, etc., did not practically undergo a process of secularization