October 22, 2019

Independent Governmental Units in Jordan: The Inability to Reform

 Note: To view the full study, download the attached file inside the news  


 The Center for Strategic Studies at the University of Jordan is pleased, and within the framework of its new vision of developing projects and conducting in-depth strategic studies and analyzes on social issues: economic; political; and social, and to find positive trends that contribute to the production of real knowledge, and to put a summary of the results of these studies and research before decision makers and stakeholders to guide them when making decisions that seek to address issues and problems in a well-studied scientific manner, with a specialized methodology; To present this study entitled “Study of Independent Governmental Units in Jordan: Inability to Reform” to shed light on the reality, role and effectiveness of independent units in Jordan within the general structure of the Jordanian government, in addition to an attempt to study the impact of their financial impact on the government’s financial performance; These units account for a large part of the state budget, and they played a clear role in the high budget deficit in recent years.

Finally, I would like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to the Observatory and Economic Studies Division at the Center, especially Mr. Ali Al-Assaf, Head of the Division, for his efforts in preparing this study. I would also like to thank Mr. Mohamed Salama for the linguistic revision, and Ms. Rania Mishaal for her determination.

 Center Manager

Prof. Dr. Zaid Clinics