Policy Papers

I am pleased to present this working paper titled “A Discursive Analysis of the Water Scarcity Discourse in Jordan” by Mr. Hussam Hussien and Ms. Amal Bourhrous, while they were at the Centre for Strategic Studies (CSS) conducting field research for their graduate studies.

This paper analyses the discourse of water scarcity in Jordan, how it is constructed, and its impacts on the policies that the water scarcity dis­course suggests for the water sector. The paper provides general back­ground information on the current water resources in Jordan and their sectorial allocation. And it discusses the theoretical framework adopted for the analysis along with investigating the construction of the dominant mainstream discourse of water scarcity, by analysing the different story lines supporting it. It concludes by analysing the overall solutions that are currently pursued in Jordan for the water sector, and the role of the dis­course of water scarcity.

It also sheds light on the water resources problem in Jordan and the differ­ent discourse that are used to present the problem and the solutions for it.

I would like to thank Mr. Hussam and Ms. Amal for their contribution which was in part motivated by the gratitude to the CSS that hosted them facilitated their work while they were conducting their research in Jordan.