November 16, 2020

The Center for Strategic Studies at the University of Jordan (CSS) in partnership with the Politics and Society Institute (PSI) Research and Studies is pleased to invite you to a webinar entitled ‘On the Edge of Transformation: Reflections on the American Elections’.

The discussion will center around:

  1. The US election from the inside: a blurry landscape
  2. The United States and the Middle East: Continuity and Change
  3. The United States and Jordan: A Strategic Partnership?

-Dr. Robert Satloff is Executive Director of The Washington Institute

-he is. Dr. Jaafar Hassan – President of the Politics and Society Institute for Research and Studies (PSI)

-Professor. Zaid Eyadat – Director of the Center for Strategic Studies (CSS) – University of Jordan

Mediator: It
is. Dr. Mohammed Al Momani

The webinar will be live on the Facebook pages for both CSS and PSI;
CSS Facebook Page:  
Event Link [Arabic Language]: 

Event Link – Center for Strategic Studies YouTube page [English Language]:  

Kindly note that the event will take place on:
Wednesday , Nov 18, 2020 [03:30 PM Amman]

  and 8:30 am [Washington DC time]