Government Results

September 17, 2016

On Saturday 17/9/2016, a press conference was held at the Center for Strategic Studies at the University of Jordan, in which Dr. Musa Shteiwi, Director of the Center, announced the results of a public opinion poll on “Dr. Hani Al-Mulqi’s government, one hundred days after its formation,” which was conducted by the Center in the period between

 7- 10/9/2016.

This poll comes as a continuation of the Center for Strategic Studies’ approach to polling the opinions of citizens and opinion leaders on the ability of governments to assume or carry out their responsibilities. The Center conducted the first poll for the government of Dr. Hani Al-Mulki when it was formed on 3/6/2016. 

It is noteworthy that the government of Dr. Hani Al-Mulqi was formed on 1/6/2016, after the resignation of the government of Dr. Abdullah Ensour, the 16th Jordanian parliament was dissolved, and the parliamentary elections were scheduled for 9/20/2016.

The poll aims to know the attitudes of Jordanian citizens and their confidence in the ability of the government of Dr. Hani Al-Mulki, to assume its responsibilities during the 100-day period since its formation on 1/6/2016, and to measure the respondents’ opinions on the government’s ability to implement the tasks mentioned in the letter of assignment. In addition, the trends of public opinion and a sample of opinion leaders were identified about how things are going in Jordan, and the most important problems facing Jordan now. The poll also aimed to identify the attitudes and opinions of citizens on some current issues, such as: the economic situation in Jordan, the upcoming parliamentary elections.

To view the full survey, download the attached file.