July 04, 2018

This survey is a continuation of the Center for Strategic Studies' approach to exploring the views of citizens and opinion leaders on the ability of the governments to assume or carry out their responsibilities. The survey was conducted to measure the ability of the new government (Dr. Omar Al-Razzaz government) to assume the responsibilities of the next stage, which was formed following the protests and popular demonstrations against the decisions of Dr. Hani Al-Mulki government, the most important of which was the draft income tax law. The strikes and protests of different segments of Jordanian society lasted for 9 days and spread to most of the Kingdom's governorates and ended up in night sit-ins in front of the Prime Minister's Headquarter in the Fourth Circle. The survey aims to know the attitudes of Jordanian citizens and their confidence in the ability of the government of Dr. Omar Al- Razzaz to assume its responsibilities during the coming period and to measure the respondents' opinions on the government's ability to carry out the tasks mentioned in the Royal Letter of Designation. In addition, public opinion trends and the opinion leaders' sample have been identified as to how things are going in Jordan and the most important problems facing Jordan now. The survey also aims to identify the attitudes and opinions of citizens on some current issues, such as the economic situation in Jordan and the Gulf provided subsidies, confidence in national institutions, satisfaction with the performance of the current Parliament, and the continuation of protests and demonstrations.