April 22, 2018


The Center for Strategic Studies at the University of Jordan and the Friedrich-Ebert Foundation (Amman) hold an regional conference entitled "Post Political Islam: Contexts, Conditions and Perspective " at the Landmark Hotel on 2-3 May.

Dr. Mohammed Abu Rumman, a researcher at the Center for Strategic Studies, points out that the term "Post-Political Islam" is multidimensional term. He added that one of its implications associated with the transformations that occur in many movements and Islamic parties in the Arab and Islamic world, which moves in their speech from the traditional ideas of Islamic movements to new ideas and concepts related to the acceptance of democracy and the civil state and the separation of advocacy from the political and the transition to professional political parties.

The conference sessions will address many important topics and issues related to the term Political Islam, and its social, cultural and intellectual contexts, in addition to the theoretical and methodical schools around it, whether the Post-Political Islam stage reflects the success, development and spread of the Islamists or, conversely -as some schools sate- reflects the crisis of these movements and their problems and impasse in the inability to achieve and fulfill their political promises?

The other sessions will deal with current trends, patterns and models, especially those related to the Muslim Brotherhood and similar movements in the Arab and Muslim world. Some papers review the reviews and discussions carried out among the Islamic movements and models which are considered advanced in this area, such as the Moroccan case. While other papers seek to compare the Arab, Iranian and Indonesian situations, and to read the expected milestones of the current reality of the Islamic movements.

The sessions and topics of the conference will not be confined to the Sunni Arab Islamic movements. They will be devoted to discussing Post Political Islam models in the general Arab and Islamic Shiite context, and various Western and intellectual models associated with this concept.

A special session will review Post Political Islam transformations or new indicators in the Salafist situation in the Arab world. While another session will be devoted to the discussion of Post Political Islam ideas and situations on the Jordanian scene, in which representatives of the Islamic Action Front party and the newly formed parties (such as “Zamzam”, “Partnership and Rescue”) will participate.

The conference will be attended by a large group of researchers specializing in Islamic movements and Post Political Islam studies from Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen and Morocco, as well as from Turkey, Iran, Indonesia, Spain, France and Germany.

The conference will be held on 2-3 May. The registration will be available for those wishing to attend the conference sessions and discussions. The sessions will also be broadcast live via the Center for Strategic Studies’ Facebook page.

For more details of the conference program, please download the file above.