December 01, 2017


The Center for Strategic Studies (CSS) is pleased to host and participate in a global event on Tuesday January 30, 2018, celebrating and highlighting the work of think tanks.
Coordinating with the Lauder Institute of University of Pennsylvania’s Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program, CSS – along with think tanks in more than 60 countries – will follow the theme: “Why Think Tanks Matter to Policy Makers and the Public.”
CSS will organize a program within the thematic framework of WHY THINK TANKS MATTER. The goal is to highlight the critical work think tanks perform in countries around the world.
At CSS, local civil society organizations and NGOs, INGOs, policy makers, representatives from Jordanian universities and government officials will be invited to share their thoughts on the role of a think tank in Jordan that focuses on the entire Middle East. In discussing their expectations of CSS and how CSS’s work can be used by their respective organizations and policy makers, CSS will become acquainted with possible community partners and their needs.
The event will explain what think tanks are, what they do, what value they add and why think tanks are more important than ever before. In the competitive marketplace of ideas and policy advice it is essential that we make the case and provide tangible examples of the important role think tanks in countries around the world. The objective of the Why Think Tanks Matter Events is to have think tanks around the world provide compelling examples the critical work think tanks perform in a range of political and economic contexts.
The event will be global and more than 85 institutions will organize activities and events around the world. 120 organizations are expected to join this annual event to highlight the important role think tanks play for governments and civil societies around the globe.