May 07, 2017

After two successful workshops, Tahdir project carried out the third group of 4 modules of workshops which started on March 12th and ended on April 13th 2017.

The selection process as usual included extensive CVs screening and interviews, where the Tahdir team was able to form the third group of Syrian participants, whom were different in academic, social and geographical backgrounds, which allowed the 4 Modules to be an applicable and dynamic course that strengthened capacity of discussions, respect of diversity and brainstorming chances among the whole training. In addition to that, Gender based criteria have been taken into account where 40% of the participants were young women.


The training started with the first module which was on” Democratic Transition. Institutional Reform for the Creation of a Democratic State”. The second Module talked about the same subjects but in more elaborated information and details like Executive and Judicial Power and democratic control. While the third and the forth modules have trained the participants on Post-conflict, Peace Consolidation and Democracy.

One of the main objectives of this course is to allow the participants to develop Action Plans for the future of Syria that would be realistic and adequate for the transitional Phase .In addition to the action plans, they were requested to evaluate the workshop on daily and weekly basis through a comprehensive survey inclusive of all areas of training.




Moreover, the Tahdir workshops included a weekly field visit to Jordanian institutions like: Ministry of Political and Parliamentary Affairs, Independent Commission for Election, National Center for Human Rights, and Social Security Corporation at the end of each module. Those field visits enriched the course and helped the participants in connecting the theoretical part of the training with the applications and implementations in the transitional stage, and allowed them to learn from Jordan’s experience in many fields


As what has been implemented in the previous two workshops , a closing ceremony was held  in the fourth day of the module 4 on12th April, 2017, which included welcoming remarks of the main distinguished guests:, Prof. Dr. Azmi Mahafthah, President of the University of Jordan, Prof. Dr. Musa Shteiwi, Director of CSS and Project Manager of TAHDIR, Mr. Egidijus Navikas, the Head of Political, Press and Information Section at the EU Delegation in Amman, H.E. Mr. Santiago Cabanas, Ambassador of Spain to Jordan and welcoming remarks by a representative on the behalf of the Syrian participants.

In The final stage of the 4 modules, 8 competent  participants were chosen to continue a fifth module training in Madrid, Spain from November 5th  –November 11th 2017 organized by AECID headquarters Madrid and Citpax under the title,” Inclusive Transitions in Conflict- and Fragile-Affected States: Syria”.

During the current and coming months, Tahdir team at the center for Strategic Studies (CSS) is preparing for the fourth group of Syrian participants in addition to evaluating, monitoring and reporting implemented by Tahdir team at CSS. Moreover, CSS-Tahdir team will be processing and screening CVs for upcoming group four of the Syrian refugees’ participants.