January 11, 2017


Promoting Constructive Leadership and Civil Society in Post-Conflict Syria 15/8/2016 – 15/4/2018


TAHDIR project was put into action at the Centre for Strategic Studies (CSS) in October, 2016, where it carried out successfully the first group of 4 modules of workshops.

 After a long process of screening CVs and related documents, and after carrying out interviews, 22 Syrian individuals were selected to participate in the extensive 4 weeks training courses which took place at the Centre for Strategic Studies at the University of Jordan starting from October 2nd and ending on November 3rd.

The training started with the first module which was on:               “Democratic Transition: Institutional Reform for the Creation of a Democratic State”. The second Module talked about the same subject but into more elaborated information and details. Moreover, the third and the forth modules have trained participants on Post-conflict, Peace Consolidation and Democracy.

During the whole training, Syrian participants were asked to deliver action plans on weekly basis for their anticipated projects to be applied in the transitional phase in the post conflict Syria. Moreover, they were asked to fill out forms to evaluate the trainers on a daily basis. Moreover, they were requested as well to evaluate the workshop activity through a comprehensive survey inclusive of all areas of training.

In addition to the four modules, 9 competent participants were chosen to continue a fifth module training in Madrid, Spain, from Nov. 28, 2016 till Nov. 2, 2016, organized by AECID headquarters-Madrid and Citpax under the title:  “Inclusive Transitions in Conflict- and Fragile-Affected States: Syria”.

During this stage of the project, Tahdir team at the CSS is carrying out the evaluation process of the coming Syrian participants in order to choose the second group of 22 participants to undergo the upcoming four modules of workshops that would start in the middle of January 2017. Furthermore, Tahdir team will continue the process of evaluating, choosing and reporting.