July 24, 2016

Extremism and Terrorism have become exceedingly a major challenge both
at the international and national levels particularly after the breakout of
civil war in Syria and the rise of Daesh .Jordan has confronted extremist
and terrorist organizations at an earlier stage but intensified its efforts in
the last years.
Thanks to the efforts and professionalism of its armed and security forces
and the awareness of its citizens to shield itself from the threat and danger
of terrorism but the last attacks in the country clearly indicate that the
danger of extremism is increasing and no country is completely immune
from it .
As part of CSS role to provide policy makers with ideas and recommendations
to deal with challenges including this issue, we present this report for
policy makers and concerned institutions.
The report was prepared by Hussein Al Majali who possess vast practical
experience through the positions that he previously held as Minister of Interior
and Director of Public Security Department and Dr. Mohammad Abu
Rumman who is a researcher at CSS and expert on Salafi Jihadist movements.
They both represent a joint position on how it developed and ways
to combat it. I take this opportunity to thank Mr. Al Majali and Dr. Abu Rumman
and hope that the report will contribute to a better understanding of
this complex issue and ways to confront it.
Dr. Musa Shteiwi
Center for Strategic Studies
University of Jordan

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