February 28, 2015

The Center for Strategic Studies at Jordan University conducted a poll during the period 15-17/ 2/2015, to measure the attitudes and trends of Jordanian citizens about some of the current national issues.


A stratified clustered sample method was used for the implementation of the survey. This design enables CSS to easily analyze and subsequently publish the results. It is also the most effective and feasible sample design for comparing the information on different provincial levels. The sample was based on geographical and administrative divisions within the kingdom as well as addressing social stratification between rural and urban areas. CSS drew the sample in a way to represent geographical and administrative levels, and to reach the level of housing blocs as the smallest sampling unit. The sample size in the small provinces was increased to ensure a higher representation and more accurate results.

The poll included a sample of 2,016 Jordanians, ages 18 and older, out of which 2,001 completed the questionnaire, giving us a response rate of 99.3%. The sample polled consisted of an equal number of males and females, with a 2.5% margin of error. CSS collected the data from respondents via face-to-face interviews.

This poll comes after the implementation of two earlier surveys about Islamic organizations and movements conducted by CSS.  The first was conducted in the month of August 2014 and the second in December 2014.  The report shows the comparison results in the three polls that have been conducted.

The survey aimed to measure the attitudes and trends of Jordanians about the following issues:

1. The overall assessment of the course of things in Jordan and assess the government's performance in the last period.
2. The most important problems facing Jordan from the perspective of the respondents.
3. Jordanian attitudes toward extremist movements.
4. Jordanian attitudes towards the international coalition against “ISIS” and Jordan’s participation in this coalition.
5. Jordanian opinions about the death of Captain Pilot Moath Kasasbeh.
6. Jordanian attitudes towards Jordan options against the war on “ISIS”.
7. Aassess the extent of the Jordanian security services success in managing the crisis with “ISIS” in the last stage.

to find more clik the PDF file uploaded up right the page

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