October 02, 2013

Center for Strategic Studies- The participants in a seminar on the New Tax Law for 2013, which organized by the Center for Strategic Studies, concluded that “the new tax bill will impact negatively on various economic sectors such as industry and trade sector and the investment sector”.

The seminar, which was moderated by Prof.Taleb Awad, aimed to study the feasibility of the law and define the concept of upward through the open door and free transparent dialogue on the new bill.

The participants also agreed that it is expected to have a negative impact of this law on a wide range of society and various economic sectors, the march of economic growth and distributive justice in general.

The participants pointed out that there is a need for a clear explanation of the concept of progressive in tax rates on individuals and businesses, in addition to review the rates of fines enacted illegally.

They also recommended amending the mechanism of appreciation which rely on personal reasons, and clarifying the techniques of tax assessment and governance into more logical one.

The seminar discussed the extent to which the tax code was harmony with the new investment law, moreover it discussed the impact of the law on the competitiveness of the Jordanian economy with neighboring countries.

The participants in the seminar consisted of representatives from: the income and sales tax Department, the Association of Information and Communication Technology, the Federation of Trade Unions in Jordan, and academics from the University of Jordan.

CSS  is aiming at issuing a policy paper of the conclusions of this seminar to provide it to people who are in concern  in developing the economic policies.
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