September 20, 2012


The study carried out by the Center for Strategic Studies in collaboration with the Foundation for the Future and the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation aimed to shed light on the role of civil society organization in political reform processes, the size of their contribution to these processes, and the obstacles that limit the ability of civil society to contribute to the next phase of the reform process.


The study relied on systematic quantitative and qualitative research  to collect and analyze data on civil society institutions, donors, and data on civil society institutions, donors, and experts to study the role of civil society in the political reform  process over the last year and this year. The research process took two months, from April to June of this year.


More than 27 representatives from civil society organizations, political movements, youth movements, experts, and donors participated in this study and were selected based on a number of criteria, including involvement in the field of political work.

To read the study, please download the file above.

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