The Primary Goal of the Technical and Administrative Affairs Division:

Management and development of human resource, developing the institutional capacities of the center, and ensuring the provision of infrastructure for information technology programs, solutions, and electronic systems.

Main Tasks for the Division:

1. Identifying needs at the center for human resources and planning for them.
2. Ensuring the implementation of the regulations, instructions, procedures, and personnel decisions.
3. Overseeing the analysis, classification, and identification of staff training needs.
4. Overseeing the management and evaluation of staff performance.
5. Overseeing the procurement process.
6. Reviewing versions and copies of studies, reports, status messages, and correspondence to make sure it is free of typographical errors.
7. Making sure that the provisions for infrastructure, software, and e-solutions are secured and continuing to follow up on modernization and development; Ensuring that technical support is provided to center staff and that the center's website is efficiently managed.
8. Developing processes and executive work procedures in the center as well as their simplification and documentation.
9. Providing for the needs of the center such as supplies, equipment, and appliances; working to obtain these materials, storing them, and supplying them to various organizational units.
10.Providing administrative services in office cleanliness.
11. Providing any other tasks assigned by the person responsible for it within the scope of its work.