Primary Goal of the of the Statistical Analysis Division:


Conducting statistical analysis, including the identification of goals, methodologies and data analysis techniques and methods used to conduct public opinion polls and surveys.


The Main Tasks of the Division:


1. Ensuring that the objectives, methodologies, data analysis methods, and the methods used to conduct public opinion polls are carried out.


2. Supervising over study forms, quality, and study requirements and its objectives, target groups, the sample size, and community groups covered by the study in preparation for the required statistical analysis.


3. Ensuring the safety of audit procedures and classification of data, compiled and entered using modern scientific methods and computers.


4. Overseeing the statistical analysis of data, using appropriate statistical software and drawing conclusions; Organizing, and coordinating with relevant information technology to design form entry programs and ensuring the technical design of the form and its output.


5. Reviewing results for statistical analysis and poll results and submitting them to the director.


6. Providing an integrated database for national samples or opinion based samples in order to serve as a detailed map of the reality in Jordanian society and in order to benefit from the poll planning process and sampling.


7. Performing any tasks assigned to it by the person directly responsible within the scope of its work.

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