The Primary Goal of the Division of Political and Social Studies:


Assuring the study of social challenges that face the Jordanian community and presenting in-depth analyses  on the main issues that relate to and face policy makers; studying these issues in different aspects in order to change events in the community and its development for the sake of organizing and supporting the development of national public policy in social fields, sustainable welfare, and social tolerance for citizens; ensuring integration of gender issues with public policy and introducing studies and research that contribute to the empowerment of both men and women.


Main Tasks of the Division:


1. Supervising over the secondary research program for the intended division by preparing scientific and strategic studies, research, and reports in political, social, and regional fields and issues, political parties, and social movements.


2. Spreading knowledgeable awareness in fields that are relevant to the division on local, regional, and international levels.


3. Building a database within disciplines undertaken by the division in order to facilitate the process of conducting research and studies.


4. Proposing to organize events like conferences, workshops, seminars, and visits vested in the subsidiary programs of the division.


5. Preparing strategy books in the fields of politics, economics, society, and political parties which are included in the goals and interests of the center.


6. Drawing research projects to the center that are linked to the division, and that are possibly domestically or internationally financed.


7. Proposing requested projects and programs, examining financing opportunities, and coordination with the management of financing and those who are concerned with both the financing and the project.


8. Publishing books and reports on different topics of interest.


9. Contributing to the preparation of periodicals and annual reports on achievements of the center by preparing reports and materials from the program that are necessary for the publications.



The Division comprises the following Programs:

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  • Political and Regional Studies
  • Sociopolitical Studies Program
  • Political Parties and Social Movements Studies