The primary goal of the division of strategic and security studies:


Studying and analyzing current and predicted events and issues on local, regional, and global levels that affect the national security of the kingdom of Jordan politically and militarily, proposing suitable recommendations for these issues, and holding outlook studies and research for working with these issues.


Main tasks of the division:


1. Preparing scientific studies, research, and reports on strategy in addition to researching security and observing threats, problems, and revolutions on local, regional, and international levels. To this end, the division will prepare and develop a comprehensive research plan, analyze, and study the most important internal strategic and security issues that directly impact national security and the decision making process in the kingdom of Jordan.


2. Spreading knowledgeable awareness in the field of security on local regional, and international levels.


3. Building a foundation of national security information in order to contribute to holding research and studies.


4. Strengthening communication and cooperation between the University of Jordan, the private sector, the public sector, strategic and security research foundations, other universities, and cells of local, regional, and global thought.


5. Proposing to organize events like conferences, workshops, seminars, and visits in the strategic and security fields.


6. Preparing strategy books on Jordanian and Arab security fields that are included in the goals and interests of the center.


7. Spreading awareness of the Jordanian publicís opinion on important security issues in the world that face the public, especially in the Arab world and Jordan.


8. Drawing research projects to the center that are linked to the division and that are possibly locally or internationally financed, and proposing required projects and programs, financed research opportunities, and coordination with the management of finance and those concerned with it.


9. Publishing reports and books on different topics of interest to security.


10. Contributing to the preparation of periodicals and annual reports on achievements of the center by preparing reports and materials from the program.