Primary Goal of the Regional and Political Studies Program:


Conducting studies, research, and seminars on political, security and regional fields at national, regional, and global levels, and analyzing the impact of these issues on Jordanian national security.


Main Tasks for the program:


1. Holding studies, research, and seminars in regionally disputed fields, international relations, security, and political issues on national, regional, and global levels and analyzing the impact of these issues on Jordanian national security.


2. Researching different fields that relate to the goals of the center like democracy, constitutional amendments, political reforms, political plurality, political parties, political movements, palestinian refugees, peace, development, and the enviornment.


3. Studying Jordanian society in different political aspects and evaluating their compatibility with relevant international standards, and presenting policy alternatives for political policy makers by contracting with international organizations and their bodies and by presenting certain studies to policy makers.


4. Proposing to organize events like conferences, workshops, seminars, and visits that relate to political fields and supervising the work on the specialized content in these events.


5. Preparing strategy books in political fields that relate to Jordanian and Arab issues.


6. Providing political advice for IGOís and NGOís on local and regional levels.


7. Spreading awareness of the Jordanian publicís opinion on political and important issues that face the public, especially in the Arab world and Jordan.


8. Contributing to the preparation of periodicals and annual reports on achievements of the center by preparing reports and materials from the program that are necessary for the publications.


9. Drawing research projects to the center that are linked to the division and that are possibly locally or internationally financed. Proposing necessary research projects and programs by researching, gathering information, analyzing, and studying financed opprotunites.


10. Publishing reports, books, and providing copies, studies, activites, and topical information in fields that are related to politics and economics.


11. Developing terms of reference for studies and research related to the programís work and its requirements.