Primary Goal of the Political Parties and Social Movements Studies Program:


Holding studies and research about political movements and parties, including Islamic discourse, the political strength of Islam in the Arab world, and the political rise of Islam in society and others, publishing the results of these studies, and organizing different events to take on these issues.


The main tasks for the program:


1. Studying, researching, and observing emerging shifts and variables in Islamic movements, Islamic parties, and the overall spectrum -moderate, Salafi, and extremist; Studying, researching and observing their acceptance of reforms and issues such as human rights, womenís rights, minorities, democracy, and elections; Studying, researching and observing their opportunities, their placement; and analyzing the implications of these things on Jordan and the map of Islamic strength.


2. Studying, researching, and observing emerging shifts and variables in  the types and characteristics of Islamic discourse, the strength of Islamic politics in the Arab world, and Islamic thought in the rise of political Islam to leadership in political life in the Arab community.


3. Proposing to organize events like conferences, workshops, seminars, and visits that are relevant to the work of the program as well as supervising over the content of these events, participating in them, and documenting them.


4. Covering events that relate to Islamic movements, Islamic discussion, the strength of Islamic politics, and the rise of parties that reference Islam; Covering these events on domestic and regional levels by analyzing and commenting on them.


5. Scheduling texts for publication by the program, editing, reviewing the language, and coordinating the technical preparations.


6. Preparing strategy books, reports, and periodicals that have relevance to the program and are consistent with the goals and interests of the center.


7. Publishing reports, books, and distributing copies, research, activities, and topical information in fields that are related to the Islamic affairs that the program studied and analyzed.


8. Spreading awareness of the Jordanian publicís opinion on important issues related to Islamic movements and Islamic policies with the aim of bringing the general opinion to light.


9. Contributing to the preparation of periodicals and annual reports on the achievements of the center.


10. Drawing research projects to the center that are linked to the division and that are possibly locally or internationally financed. Proposing required projects and programs, financed research opportunities, and coordination with the management of finance and those concerned with it.


11. Developing terms of reference for studies and research related to the programís work and its requirements.



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