In recognition of the important contributions made in His Majesty King Husseins reign at all levels, the Center for Strategic Studies, which was established by a royal decree,  decided to establish an academic chair in his Majestys name. This chair aims to shed light on the life and rule of King Hussein, who, through insightful and sophisticated leadership, led the country and its people to the heights of progress and development. King Hussein laboured tirelessly for both national and humanitarian goals and infused his leadership with a modern creative spirit.

Since his accession to the throne on May 2, 1953 and until his death in 1999, His Majesty King Hussein Bin Talal worked to establish the modern Jordanian state within the framework of an enlightened Arab civilization.

He strengthened the independence of Jordan by arabizing the army and led the country through a long journey of sacrifice and struggle, establishing a close relationship between the people of Jordan and the king. Thanks to his wisdom and leadership, he ensured that Jordan would be a nation of safety and peace, and he protected his people from longstanding miseries from which other peoples of the region suffered. He focused on the construction of economic, industrial and knowledge infrastructures that were unparalleled in the region.

He was a pioneer of the educational renaissance in Jordan, issuing the royal decree to establish the University of Jordan, which paved the way for exceptional progress in education in the following decades. Throughout his rule, His Majesty fought to establish peace in the Middle East, and defended Palestine as a land, a cause and a people.

He took up the Palestinian issue at all international platforms and pledged to bring justice for the Palestinian people and a just and comprehensive peace.

His Majesty King Hussein Bin Talal's method of governance was the basis for modern Jordan under the leadership of His Majesty King Abdullah II Ibn Al-Hussein who continues to follow the approach of His Majesty King Hussein Bin Talal with the goal of transferring Jordan to the ranks of developed countries. The Center for Strategic Studies attaches great importance to the establishment of this Chair as a national project that will contribute to the understanding of King Husseins thoughts and his great contributions, as well as the countrys development during his time.


The objectives of the chair are as follows:

- To conduct political, economic and social studies on Jordan in the era of His Majesty King Hussein Bin Talal.

- To shed light on the life of His Majesty King Hussein Bin Talal, and his national and international contribution.

- To commemorate His Majesty King Hussein Bin Talals memory in the hearts of the Jordanians and the University of Jordans family.

- To document both the oral history and all works associated with His Majesty King Hussein Bin Talals reign.

Programs and activities:

King Hussein Bin Talal's Chair includes the following activities and programs:

- The hosting of international researchers and Jordanians specialized in international and Middle East affairs and the fields of humanities. This includes the work on research projects or books that fall within the objectives of the Chair.

- The launching of a research project to conduct studies on the era of His Majesty King Hussein Bin Talal.

- The launching of oral history documentation of His Majesty King Hussein Bin Talal.

- The establishing of a library to document all the activities of His Majesty King Hussein Bin Talal.

- Hold conferences on specific topics or periods during His Majesty King Hussein Bin Talal rule.