We are happy to welcome applicants from Jordan and all over the world to our internship program. At the CSS we work on a variety of topics surrounding Arab and Middle Eastern politics. Successful applicants will be coupled with a full time researcher at the CSS to assist this researcher with her/his research.

Applicants are encouraged to apply to work on one of these areas:

1. Politics of the Arab World and the Middle East.

2. Public opinion and surveying in the Arab World and the Middle East.

3. Gender and Sexuality Studies in the Arab World and the Middle East.

4. Islamic political activism and Islamist organization.

5. Jordanian Politics.

6. Social and Labor Movements in the Arab World and the Middle East 


Eligible candidates are either current students or recent graduates. Interns responsibilities will include the following:

• To act as research assistant to a researcher at the CSS.

• To assist in the preparation of newsletters and reports.

• To assist in research projects at the Center.

• To assist with conference organization at the CSS.

• Depending on the willingness of the intern’s supervisor, CSS researchers might also act as advisors to intern’s individual research projects.

The internships are unpaid but a number of benefits are on offer:

• Interns will be provided with office space and IT facilities.

• A certificate will be provided to all interns on the successful completion of the internship.

• Interns will be allowed to attend Center events free of charge.

Application and Logistics

At the CSS we accept interns three times a year: during the fall semester (September-December), spring semester (January-May) and summer term (June-August). Internship length can range between 3- 12 months. In very rare cases we might accept one month internships. We accept bachelor, master and PhD students from all over the world.  Please note that the application process is highly competitive and positions usually fill up six to twelve months before the beginning of the internship period.Applications will be considered on a first come first serve basis. Therefore, please make sure to apply at least 6 months before the internship start date. In order to apply email the internship coordinator Dr. Sara Ababneh a cover letter in which you indicate the time period for which you would like to be considered and an updated academic cv which includes your GPA.  In addition, in case of successful acceptance, please email us a scanned copy of your passport and the contact information of your next of kin. Knowledge of Arabic is a plus but not a requirement. Kindly note that the internships are not paid and that successful candidates must make their own visa, accommodation and travel arrangements.  Due to the highly competitive nature of our program we often have a long waiting list and cannot save seats for applicants who are unsure of their availability. Therefore,please email Dr. Ababneh immediately if there are any changes to your application status.

To apply please email:

The Internship Program Coordinator
Dr. Sara Ababneh
Center for Strategic Studies
University of Jordan
P.O.Box: 13146 

Amman 11942- Jordan
Tel: +962 6 530 0100  

Direct  :+  962 6 530 0113 

Fax  :+  962 6 535 5515



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