The Primary Goal of the Fieldwork Division :


Supervision over conducting surveys and opinion polls that require fieldwork.



Main Tasks of the Division:


1. Contributing to public opinion polls by participating in executing surveys, determining problems that require knowledge of public opinion, developing recognition tools on public opinion, data analysis, and preparing specialized methods to execute said polls.


2. Determining the budget for the execution of field opinion polls and field surverys.


3. Contributing to and expressing an opinion about the design of the forms and requirements of the study, as well as the studys objectives, and target groups; especially the studies that will be distributed on the ground to ensure that their application on the ground will be clear.


4. Expressing an opinion on the design of samples and determining the size, space, or specific community to by canvassed, especially those that require national samples and require field visits.


5. Participating in the proposal process to select observers and non-full time researchers if need be.


6. Contributing to the development of an action plan to implement surveys.


7.Defining the nature, objectives, and requirements for a field work team and providing the team with the forms, maps, and other tools required.


8.  Supervising the conduction of field surveys, filling out forms, and collecting statistical data.


9. Coordination with researchers to provide the needed means of transport, communication, etc.


10. Reviewing forms with researchers and statistical teams and ensuring that everything is complete before leaving the field.


11. Performing any tasks assigned to it by the person directly responsible within the scope of its work.

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