Primary Goal of the Communication and Events Management Division:

Ensuring institutional advancement and media for the center, ensuring its sustainability, and raising awareness about the goals of the center and the services provided.

Main Tasks for the Division:

1.    Reviewing drafts for communication strategy and media for the center from media specialists and submit them via decided procedures.

2.     Adapting methods and methodologies of public relations and overseeing their implementation.

3.    Overseeing the preparation and design of publication and later versions of promotional materials, advertising them, and raising awareness about them.

4.    Supervising over the news coming from the center, assuring it is according to the center's vision, requirements, and plans.

5.    Overseeing the modernization and development of the center's website.

6.    Participating in the preparation of the annual report of the center.

7.    Performing any other tasks assigned by the person responsible for it within the scope of its work.



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